Cancellation and Refund Policies

Last updated: 5/7/2022

7-Day Trial Policy

You can only sign up for a the Trendy Pro Trial once.

Trials expire after 7 days and there are no refunds for trials.

If you decide not to upgrade your membership by the end of the 7-day trial period, your online account will expire and you will be kicked from the Discord server.

Membership Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your membership, you will have online account and Discord access until the end of your current membership period.

There are no pro-rated refunds for cancelling in the middle of a subscription billing period. No refunds under any circumstances, this includes Annual, monthly, trial and discounted memberships. it is your responsibility to stop recurring payments before the due date.

Membership Upgrade/Downgrades

If you decide to upgrade or downgrade your membership, your online account and Discord access will adjust accordingly within 48 hours.

Your membership fee will also adjust within 48 hours so that your fee is properly pro-rated for the new, updated billing cycle.