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We develop consistently profitable traders using a proven, proprietary methodology

Learn the process, ignore the noise, and calmly grow your account

Tune out the noise and grow your account

Who is Trendy Trading for?

Trendy Trading is an education-focused day trading service whose primary goal is to teach willing traders how to use a proven, proprietary methodology to help them earn calm, consistent returns.

What we provide:

A proven methodology
High-probability plans and levels
Consistency and transparency

What we do not provide:

Blind alerts
Unplanned trade ideas

Trading, systematized

Without a proven methodology, the emotional roller coaster of wins and losses will never slow. Trendy Trading focuses on consistency (no matter the news) thanks to systematic rules.

Education instead of hype

While some services focus on promoting trade alerts, our main priority is to teach you how to be a systematic trader - we do not just spoonfeed trades for you to follow blindly.

A real community

Have you tried other chatrooms before? Did you ever feel frustrated or alone? We truly care about our members and promote personal development - not me-focused, isolating negativity.

Try a proven methodology

We combine the proprietary use of trend following, supply and demand charting, and Fibonacci measurements to pre-plan our entries and exits. You can start with observing live alerts and gradually learn the system yourself.

Experience a growth-minded community

Our trading community is focused on helping each other get better. No question is too small and no answer is too big - One of Trendy’s veteran or novice members will be happy to help you on your personal trading journey.

Learn from your expert mentor, every day

As a 20-year Air Force Veteran and family man, Jon knows what it means to serve others. If you’re tired of trading “gurus” leaving you high-and-dry when you hit a roadblock, then look no further than Jon’s calm, down-to-earth teaching style guiding you - every single day.

See what our members are saying

If you'd like to see more unsolicited reviews of our members in action, check out the Wall of Trendy.

Tom Shelley

I cannot say enough good things about Trendy Trading. Most services I've seen or been part of have lacked accountability (and results). You can find both here and complete transparency to boot. The in-depth market analysis and having Jon on audio through the day is a gamechanger!

- Find Tom as @TomShelley in the Pro chatroom!

Casey Peterson

Jon your callouts and continued guidance just allowed me to reach my goal of trading fulltime. I'm hanging up the towel building houses and I’m now doing what I love — trading. Thanks to everyone in the room, I feel at home trading with Tr3ndy.

- Find Casey as @elevenelevenwa in the Pro chatroom!

Jennifer Bryan

It’s been a minute since I had $1000 profit on one trade but today that’s what gave me. With a combination of your lessons, your live audio walk through and getting some confidence back it was the perfect set up for a good trade today.

- Find Jennifer as @JMB in the Pro chatroom!

Roberto Ramirez

Jon's process/methodology is what we should all be here for. Yes, the alerts are awesome and I'm not ashamed to say I take his trades often. But I have to say that it's an awesome feeling using the scripts/edges on names that we may not be focusing on and winning on my trades based on his process. For those that are new here or thinking of joining , PLEASE listen to what he's teaching us all. Be patient. Put in the effort needed to "learn how to fish" and not just "be given a plate of food". You'll be MUCH better off in the long run. I've been here for one year now and I know I have more room to grow/learn. But I've profited in more ways than just my account. It's a positive environment where participation is encouraged. There are also members on here that are happy to help along with Jon himself. His process has been a game changer in the way I approach my daily trading. I still make a mistake or two in risk management or entry/exit but it's non-factor when it comes to the impact on my account. And I'm confident that I'll continue to get better under his teaching. HE PUTS IN AN INSANE AMOUNT OF THOUGHT AND WORK INTO THIS GROUP. I hope everyone can see that. Oh, and today, this week, last week, this month have all been good days trading. I'm up and ready to once again follow the process set forth by the Trendy Trading. Don't force the trade. Identify levels. Pull the trigger. In/Out efficiently. Manage Risk. All levels determined before market open. Support each other. Positivity. Let's Go...

- Find Roberto as @RJRPulga16 in the Pro chatroom!

Jake Vanags

I’m the typical story - I’ve tried about 10+ different rooms/services where the head trader wins a ton, while I’m somehow struggling to breakeven. Many services boast about a “system,” but I find they have anything but a system. Within 2 weeks of joining Tr3ndy, it was eye-opening how much better I was getting as a trader. Learning the process has kept me calm, confident, and consistently profitable since. I’m so excited for this year.

- Find Jake as @jakev in the Pro chatroom!

Become a consistently profitable trader by learning a proven, repeatable process