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We want to help transform your trading

Trendy Trading is an education-focused service that teaches willing traders a systematic methodology and repeatable processes that yield calm, consistent returns.


years of developing a proprietary methodology


years of mentoring traders


core community members
(and growing fast!)


opportunity for trading growth

Our mission

Our mission is to provide willing traders a life of freedom by teaching them a proven, proprietary trading methodology.

Our core values

These are the top three core values we operate by. Every decision we make must adhere to these values:

🌊 Systematic and calm
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Service before self
πŸ”Ž Transparency

Hi there - I'm Jon

As a 20-year US Air Force Veteran, I understand the power of organized, rule-based operations. When I began trading, I spent too much time (and money) fighting through all of the problems every trader goes through in order to develop the right system that returned highly consistent profits for me and my family.

Now, nothing energizes me more than transforming members’ lives by teaching them my proven, proprietary Trendy Methodology.

With the right repeatable process, any willing trader can turn their trading journey into a liberating new life.

Become a consistently profitable trader by learning a proven, repeatable process