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All of your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?
How do I pay?
Once you select a service and sign up for an account you will be asked for payment info.

All payments are securely processed by Stripe.
I want to try Trendy Trading. What happens next?
1. Select a service on the memberships page or start a trial.

2. Once your account is created and payment is completed, you will be walked through an onboarding process that will help get you started!
What markets do you trade?
Many of our members focus on options, because of their low risk and high reward when sized correctly, but you can trade the same system and setups with equity, futures, and forex.

Remember - Trendy Trading is about learning a system that works across the board, and therefore we are not limited to trading any one market.
How big are your wins?
Our service teaches consistency, so it’s very common to see 20%-80% wins, but the process also results in many trades reaching gains in excess of 100%. You will also have losses but the idea is to control those losses.

We just know that only swinging for homeruns leaves too many strikeouts for an account to handle sometimes — but it doesn’t mean we don’t have them. 😉

Maybe more important than the size of our wins are how small our papercut losses are if the process is followed.
How do I upgrade or manage my account?
After you are logged into your account, click "Account" at the top navigation menu to view and manage your account.

To upgrade, click "Upgrade" at the top navigation menu.
What are all the purchase options?
They are:

Trendy Pro Trial - $5 for 7 days of Pro access
Trendy Alerts - $49.99 / month
Trendy Pro - $179 / month
Trendy Pro + Scripts - $249 / month
Private Training for Active Members - $199 / 90 minutes
Why is it called Trendy Trading?
We were originally called Tr3ndyOptions. We've since simplified and focused our name into Trendy Trading.

However, the methodology still revolves around the original acronym of T.R.3.N.D.Y., which helps remind us of what to look for in our process.

T = Time frame
R = Range
3 = 3:1 Reward-to-risk ratio
N = News as a catalyst that moves price to an edge
D = Demand and supply
Y = You’re in control
What kind of trading system does Trendy Trading use?
We combine the proprietary use of trend following, supply and demand charting, and Fibonacci measurements to make a systematic plan each day. We use pre-defined entries and exits (for significant profit or a loss) so that emotion is removed from the equation.

When on screen-share, you might notice extremely helpful, custom indicators Jon has developed to make finding high probability setups even easier.
Do you day trade or swing trade?
We make plans for both! If you have the time to day trade, that’s great. If you work all day or just want to supplement your day trading, we have swing trades for you, too. We also scalp trades when conditions are choppy.
How much money will I make?
As you know, this is impossible for us to answer. What we do know is that if you follow the process and the rules to a ‘T’, your profits can outweigh your losses over time — but as you are in control of your own trades, the final results will vary.

Still have questions?

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