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The Complete Trading Routine Checklist

Preparedness equals calm and consistent trading. Be ready before every market open with our daily trading routine checklist.

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“I used to feel a bit chaotic and distracted before every opening bell, but this checklist keeps me calm and focused on what's actually important."
Jake Vanags
@JakeV in the chatroom
“Pilots and doctors operate with efficiency using checklists - why can't traders?"
Roberto Ramirez
@RJRPulga16 in the chatroom

With this checklist you will:

Learn how to prepare for each market open
Remove opening bell anxiety
Be more focused and calm
Develop a more systematic trading approach
Build professional trading habits

More about this checklist:

Day trading can be an extremely overwhelming endeavor. There are so many different variables to take into account - trading style, analysis types, markets, instruments, symbols, news, methods, indicators, scanners, platforms - the list goes on....

Because there are so many ways to trade and so many distractions every single day, it can be difficult to find a routine that helps you focus.

Our checklist aims to provide a daily roadmap (assuming you're trading major financial markets), so that you can follow the same steps each day. By following the same steps each day, you can create a baseline of habits and a trade with a better focus.

We hope you find that by simply walking through and "checking off" steps each day, you will become a more efficient and profitable trader.

Feel free to print the checklist out and hang it up or keep it handy on your desktop as a reference guide.

If you'd like to see Trendy Trading's daily routine, come check us out!


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